The Most Distinctive Work Uniforms Can Project Joy or Authority

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Uniforms were created to distinguish people who were working for a particular establishment from the rest of society.

While many people first think of uniform examples like a wait staff waiter/waitress at a restaurant, they are not the only profession to assign uniforms. The use of uniforms has become more popular with multiple companies as the decades have passed. While uniforms may seem tedious and stuffy to some people, they can serve as a source of togetherness for the people they employ. Some uniforms project a sense of authority, while others offer a sense of joy. We see it on our streets, in office businesses, and the hospitals. Many uniforms are no longer the boring and plain colored things of the past but are now fun and can express their personality. Some work uniforms help immediately identify the workers wearing them. This article is devoted to many of the most popular of these types of uniforms. 

1 - Medical Scrubs

Many professionals wear scrubs in hospitals and pharmacies. While many of us remember the dark blue, light blue, and pick scrubs from the hit TV show Grey's Anatomy, they have themed scrubs these professionals can wear if they choose to. Choosing holiday-themed, Disney themed, or other themed scrubs can be found just about anywhere. Stores like Goodwill or Walmart, to name a few. These scrubs project authority to the patients within the hospital and make the situation a little more joyful.

2 - Police Uniforms

Police officers typically have a dark blue uniform, but many may wear a tan uniform during the summer. Their uniforms clearly distinguish them from civilians with their tool belt carrying their assigned weapons, their badge, and a radio on their chest. These uniforms project authority for the punishments and the order that police officers can give to people set by the local and federal governments- from handing out speeding tickets to arresting the bad guys for illegal activities. The police uniform is intended to provide instant recognition so people can request help from police officers as necessary. 

3 - Firefighter Uniforms

Known for running towards the face of danger, these brave firefighters are seen both as sexy and heroic. With the bulky, fire retarded suits, rubber boots, and gas hoods they wear as part of their uniforms as they run into a burning building, firefighters command both respect and praise from everyone. Their uniforms they wear into a fire are generally of a lighter brown color with light reflective strips on the arms, legs, and torso to be seen easier. Otherwise, their regular uniforms are navy blue pants and a T-shirt with a firefighter badge on the chest's upper left part. Their on the call uniforms are a great example of the protection and functionality of some work uniforms. 

4 - EMT Uniforms

Emergency Medical Transit personnel have the simplest of uniforms for first responders. White button-up shirts, black pants, and black shoes. What makes their uniform project this form of authority and respect is the radio, badge, and medical symbols on their bags and jackets that make people pay attention to it. People can see an EMT 

5 - Event Security Services

When it comes to security services, uniforms can vary. However, more than any other profession, security personnel seem to take advantage of “The windbreaker” style jacket. These jackets clearly outline that the personnel are security services and have the authority to protect patrons at stores or events. When things are really warm, it’s common to ditch the jacket for a black t-shirt with the word security on it instead.