Weight Training Can Be Very Beneficial When You Do it Properly

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When it comes to health, exercise is important. However, which form is the best? There’s some people who swear by running. Others like a variety of cardio exercises or playing sports. One of the most popular options is weight training. There’s a lot to like from weight training. It’s full of benefits to the body. Those benefits to your health tend to manifest into real world benefits as well, making weight training an option which really lets a person understand how their exercise regimen is helping them. Once you understand how beneficial it is, it’s important to figure out the right type of weight training for you. There’s a variety of options and typically there’s a number of exercises that people can enjoy while they participate in weight training. This article will look at some of these facets and can hopefully function as a primer to those looking to get into weight training. 

Benefits of Weight Training

Like most forms of exercise, there’s a number of benefits to gain from committing to some weight training. Some of the most common benefits include: 

  • Better Cardio Health - Strength training helps a person to burn through some excess fat, which naturally will help a person with their heart problems. 
  • Joint Flexibility Increases - Since proper strength training uses a body’s full range of motion, it will help to increase flexibility as a person continues to work on their strength training.
  • Bone Strength - As someone continues weight training, it will help to build up their bone density. In addition, it can help ligaments and tendons to get stronger. This can help reduce injuries in many forms. 
  • Improved Body Image/Mental Health - Strength training will often help a person and how they perceive their body when they look in the mirror. This can often assist with mental health and people see themselves. In addition many people enjoy a better mood after they perform weight training thanks to the hormones that are released. 
  • More Muscle and Less Fat - When it comes to this combination of benefits, it’s hard to beat weight training. The fat loss from weight training is often overlooked as people think cardio may be a better fat loss option. Weight training usually does a fantastic job of helping with fat loss however. 

Types of Weight Training

Contrary to some common belief, there’s more than one version of weight training and ways to add muscle to a person’s frame. Each of these have their own unique ways of using weight training to help a person’s health. They include: 

  1. Bodybuilding - Bodybuilding makes use of resistance training and tends to make muscles more aesthetically pleasing instead of pure strength. The exercises will often include compound exercises. These will boost more than a single muscle at a time. Some people call bodybuilding hypertrophy. This form of weight lifting will likely be more reps with lighter weights and a shorter rest period between sets. 
  2. Circuit Training - This form of weight training involves doing a grouping of different exercises. The exercises are basically back to back with a very short rest period in between. It’s common to do a circuit of 5-6 exercises for 30 seconds to 1 minute each, then take a 2 minute break. Finally, repeat. 
  3. High-Volume Training - The name tends to speak for itself here. In this version, people will do a high number of reps at a lower weight. This helps build a different type of weight. 
  4. Static Training - This is also called isometric training. This form of weight training has a person contract the muscle and hold it, rather than be moving. This helps people build impressive time under tension, which helps to tear down and rebuild muscles easily. 
  5. Powerlifting - This is the brute strength version of weight training. Quite simply, you’ll cut your reps down to a minimum and work on lifting max weights. This is good for both nerve and muscle function.