Education At Home Benefits From Many Resources

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It’s important to get an education as you grow up. It’s also important to remember that not every educational situation is right for each child. Many children can actually get the education they need without ever having to leave the home. In fact, at home education has never been used more commonly than it is now. 

There’s two main forms of at home education. The first is distance education. In this case, children are using technology to connect to their teachers and get something similar to their normal classyard setting, but online. The second option is homeschooling. In this form of education, parents take the burden of education upon themselves to educate their children in the home. This can be a difficult but rewarding option for parents as they see their child grow in knowledge. Regardless of the method chosen, it’s clear that education at home is here to stay. 

Distance Education at Home

The development of distance education has been ongoing since the internet arrived. While mostly used for college levels to begin with, elements of distance education have crept up earlier. Pushed by the pandemic of 2020, distance education has never been more accessible or more easy to use. 

For younger students, distance education is much like the classroom setting. They connect through a computer or tablet to their teacher, where they receive lessons. In many cases, all are on camera so that the teacher can be relatively assured the students are paying attention. Homework is still assigned and expected to be completed. Grades are still assigned and tests are taken. All of this is done through computers, which means there are some downsides. Live classes can be interrupted by issues with an internet connection. Some children may find it too easy to be distracted. Further advancements hope to alleviate some of these issues and it’s very possible that distance education may spread. It could be a viable alternative to public schools should the children show similar information retention and knowledge gain. 


There’s plenty of reasons for parents to decide that they want to take part in homeschooling. Many have lost faith in the public school system and are unable to partake of the private system. Conflicts with the household beliefs can result in homeschooling. Some parents homeschool exceptional children with the goals of helping them sharpen their specific talents. Take the annual spelling bee. A huge number of the children in the spelling bee are now home schooled. This is because the curriculum can be altered in order to allow for heavy studying specifically for this special event. While a broader education would not be a bad thing, this specialization for a while allows them to be highly competitive. 

Regardless of the reason, homeschooling is a viable option. There have never been more resources online to assist in the homeschooling process. There are pre-planned curriculum and plans that can be chosen by the parents. In some cases these are free, but some great lesson plans may require a subscription. Finding worksheets for the homeschooled student is rarely difficult. These can help further the lessons given. Considering the vast repository of the knowledge that the internet contains, there’s always more to be taught.

Requirements vary state to state. In some cases, standardized tests will be required at certain levels. Some curriculum items may be mandatory at each grade level. Before implementing homeschooling, a parent must properly research their states requirements and ensure that their plan will meet or exceed them.