These Foods Are Ranked Highly On the Glycemic Index

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The glycemic index is a way of measuring foods by how fast they break down into glucose in our bodies.

This affects blood sugar levels. First, they cause a rise in blood glucose levels, then a significant fall afterward. High glycemic index foods are often starchy or contain what's known as "simple carbohydrates''. This type of food breaks down in the body quickly to be used for energy. People who partake in strenuous exercise may choose to eat foods high on the glycemic index in order to quickly replenish levels of glycogen in their bodies. People who have conditions that cause them to have lower than recommended blood glucose levels may also benefit from high glycemic index foods at times.

The choice of how much high glycemic index food to incorporate into the diet and how often will vary from person to person. It depends upon things like age, activity levels, and any preexisting conditions. Speaking with a doctor or nutritionist may help to narrow down the optimum consumption of high glycemic index foods for those who are unsure. Here is a list of a few high glycemic index foods to get started.

1 - White And Whole Wheat Bread

Bread is one of the most common sticking points for people who might wish to be mindful of their diet. White bread and whole wheat bread rank high on the glycemic index. For example, some white toast with jam could cause massive blood sugar spikes. For those who want to avoid this, they can choose a different type of bread that's lower on the index. Whole grain, sourdough, and some gluten-free options may be better for them.

2 - White Rice

White rice is a frequent accompaniment to many meals. It is also a high glycemic index food. For those who love rice but wish to be mindful of their glycemic index, there are options for them. Different varieties of rice that are lower on the glycemic index include basmati, black, brown, red, and wild rice. Another option for a low glycemic white rice replacement is riced cauliflower. Being mindful of high glycemic index foods does not mean a person has to miss out on taste.

3 - Potatoes And French Fries

Potatoes and fries are a staple of the typical American diet. They can also be very high on the glycemic index. Certain types of potatoes are much lower on the glycemic index than others. If a person wants to make choices that are low glycemic index, they may opt for waxy potatoes such as fingerling or red. Sweet potatoes are low to medium on the index. The starchy potatoes like Idaho and Russet are higher. Some people also choose mashed cauliflower as their side dish and avoid potatoes altogether.

4 - Certain Fruits

Fruit in general is pretty healthy. It varies widely on the glycemic index. Fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, and dried or canned fruits with added sugar are high glycemic index foods. Some lower glycemic index fruit options include grapefruit, bananas, cherries, and pears. Fruits that are higher in fiber tend to be lower on the glycemic index because they take longer to digest and break down in the body. This means that starting the day with a serving or two of low glycemic, high fiber foods will keep you feeling balanced and full longer.

5 - Sweet Treats And Baked Goods

Sweet treats like cake and brownies are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. They are quite high on the glycemic index. For those who have a sweet tooth but want to be conscientious about glycemic index numbers, there are some options. High-protein, low-sugar Greek yogurt can help people avoid overindulging their sugar cravings. Dates and berries are both sweet, but healthy. They contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is possible to avoid refined sugars and still satisfy your sweet tooth.