Personal Training Can Give You the One on One Planning You Need

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Hiring a personal trainer, whether they come to your house or work at your gym, is a terrific way to increase your exercise habit, avoid boredom, and most importantly, avoid injury. A personal trainer can monitor your form as you work out, making sure that your platform is solid and your movements are healthy, before you add more weight on your own. Even better, a personal trainer can help you modify and personalize moves so you can get stronger, even if some activities are limited due to old injuries or chronic challenges. Finally, a personal trainer can make new exercise fun. Instead of feeling silly or completely out of place on a new machine or on the weight bench, your trainer can give you the confidence to expand your exercise routine.

Benefits of Using Personal Training

One of the best benefits of working with a personal trainer is for those big life goal events. Would you like to run a marathon? Getting in marathon shape will take more than a daily running habit. You'll need a strong core to protect your spine from the pounding that running can do to your body. You'll need a flexible pelvic girdle to keep your quads and hamstrings loose. You'll need strong shoulders and healthy neck muscles to avoid nerve impingements from constantly working your arms.

A personal trainer can help you build the base strength you need throughout your body to make running easier on your structure. They can also help you build variety into your workouts to protect you against the great goal-killer, boredom. Finally, many runners find that knee, ankle and foot pain can derail their training program for a time. If you want to stick with your workout schedule but need to change your workout focus, a personal trainer can give you new ideas.

Personal Training at the Gym

Moving to a new gym or using a new area of your gym can be a little daunting. In a room full of treadmills, you don't want to be the person who winds up taking a tumble off the belt. To reduce the risk of embarrassment or injury, sign up for a few sessions with a personal trainer so you can really learn how to use these tools.

If you want to use the free weights, work with a trainer to make sure your form is correct. It is extremely easy to do yourself harm when learning to work with free weights. For example, you may find that the first three shoulder presses feel pretty good at that new weight, but by the fifth press you're tired and by the seventh rep you're in trouble. To keep the ninth press from landing on your skull, time with a personal trainer and a logical schedule to help you increase your weights is a great idea.

Hiring Your Own Personal Trainer

For many of us, getting to the gym isn't always an option. However, if the trainer is coming to your house, you'd better be ready! A personal home trainer can help you outfit a home gym that you can actually use. They can also help you learn to use basic resistance or isometric exercises, solo work on the mat such as gentle yoga or tai chi, and light weights.

As we age, working with a personal trainer in our home is even more important. For example, if your home has laundry hookups in the basement, ask them to set up a workout routine that includes curls of the laundry basket and good balance on the stairs. Many senior citizens find their lives can be radically altered by one fall or a simple injury. By maintaining core strength and good balance, you can protect yourself against a long and painful rehab process.

Everyone can stand to get a little stronger, to feel more fit and to be more confident in their exercise process. Building a strong body will be easier with great guidance. A personal trainer can teach you good form and correct you as you grow tired so you can avoid injury. They can also keep exercise fun.