It's Time For a Remodel When Your Deck Doesn't Inspire You

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A deck on a home is a great way to enjoy the outside weather or entertain people. Over time, people may notice their deck is starting to age. It also may not be the correct size for gatherings. Aging decks also pose a risk of breaking down altogether. In some cases, the deck may start to rot, which can cause pieces to fall off and can even lead to people getting splinters when they are on the deck. Fortunately, homeowners can decide to either renovate their deck or build a new one. They both have their benefits. If a homeowner decides that their deck no longer inspires them, they will need to set aside some time to plan on what they want out of their deck. If the deck is too small, the homeowner can see if they can add on to increase the size of the deck.

Improving Your Current Deck

If a homeowner decides to just improve their current deck, there are several things that they can do to improve the look of the deck.

  • Inspection. Before a homeowner does anything to their deck, it is a good idea that it be inspected. It should be inspected for things like rotten wood and termite damage. If any rotten wood is found, it will need to be replaced as quickly as possible.
  • Sanding. After the inspection, a homeowner should have the deck sanded. Sanding will help eliminate any rough pieces of wood that may cause splinters and help prime the deck for painting or staining.
  • Painting or staining. A homeowner should determine whether or not they want the deck stained or painted. Staining or painting the deck will help to protect the wood and create a new look for the deck and home.
  • Decorating. Once a homeowner has upgraded their current deck with paint or stain, they can decorate it. They will want to consider adding things like nice furniture, along with an outdoor rug. The more that they add to the deck that is decorative, the better the deck will look.

Tearing Down and Starting Anew

If the deck is full of rotten wood, or the homeowner wants a different sized deck, they should consider tearing it down and starting fresh. Doing this will give the homeowner a great opportunity to design the deck from scratch. Some considerations include:

  • Size - A homeowner will want to determine the size that they need for their new deck. They should consider exactly what they will be doing on their deck. If they are going to be entertaining a large number of guests, a larger deck will be needed. If they are only going to use the deck once in a while, they can get a smaller deck.
  • Design - A homeowner will want to determine what kind of design they want for the deck. They should make sure that it looks great with their home.
  • Covered or uncovered - When building a deck, a homeowner can choose whether to cover or leave it uncovered. This will all depend on the homeowner’s personal preference and what they plan on doing on the deck.
  • Budget - A homeowner should set a budget for what they want to spend on the deck. The price will vary depending on the size, materials used, and whether or not a contractor is used.

DIY vs. Hiring a Contractor

Homeowners may be tempted to do their deck themselves because they think that it may be cheaper. Building a deck is not easy. They will need to know the measurements, what type of material needs to be used, and more. This kind of work is very labor-intensive, so if the homeowner is not used to that kind of work, it can be very difficult. In many locations, to build a deck, a homeowner must have a permit, and several building codes must be followed. If these building codes are not followed, and a permit is not acquired, the homeowner could face fines and have to tear the deck down. Instead of dealing with this, a homeowner should hire an experienced contractor that knows all about the rules and requirements to build a deck. A homeowner should take their time and find a contractor that will work well for all of their deck needs.