Is Your Home Ready To Upgrade To Hardwood Flooring?

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In general, there is nothing that any homeowner would love to have in their home more than hardwood flooring.

Essentially, this is because of how long-lasting hardwood floors are and how elegant they also look, adding a classy touch to any household. However, hardwood floors expand and contract, depending on the humidity conditions. The builders usually leave some space between the wall and the floor to allow for this expansion and contraction. There are several hardwood flooring options that someone can choose from depending on their preference, budget, and durability of the hardwood flooring. They also come in various colors, textures, and patterns, giving homeowners massive options. There are also certain types of hardwoods that have a longer durability period because of their ability to withstand adverse conditions.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

There’s a lot of reasons to choose hardwood flooring for your home. Some of the most obvious benefits include: 

  • They are Easy to Clean. Cleaning hardwood flooring is super easy because one does not require a wide array of cleaning products to remove the dirt on the flooring. A simple mop on the floor can quickly remove any dirt on it. Conversely, other floor types require a lot of work in cleaning, and someone also needs to have many detergents to help them in cleaning.
  • Excellent Durability. Hardwood flooring can last for very many years, even if kids are playing around the house daily. While a hardwood floor might sometimes get scratched, fixing it is a no-brainer. But for other floors, they have a short durability period, and fixing them is also an issue.
  • Improves Air Quality. Unlike other types of floorings that can trap dust, hardwood flooring does not trap any form of dust or contaminants, which ensures that the indoor air quality is fresh at all times.
  • They are Versatile. Hardwood floors can fit in any interior design, which adds a touch of pure class to any home décor.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Picking one of the many great types of hardwood floors comes down to the individual. Each has a different appearance, with some being more durable than others. Popular types of hardwood flooring include: 

  • Cherry - Cherry is an elegant type of hardwood flooring that looks absolutely beautiful in any house. It is also the most commonly used type of hardwood flooring because it is very popular in the United States since it has a lustrous nature that most people admire. While cherry hardwood flooring is a soft type of hardwood, it still has an impressive durability period because it is not significantly affected by adverse conditions.
  • Oak - Oak is also an outstanding hardwood flooring because of its rustic nature, which creates an old fashioned type of warmth in a home setting. It is a perfect fit for people who have rustic furniture in their homes because it will complement their home décor. People interested in oak hardwood flooring have the opportunity of choosing between red oak flooring and white oak flooring.
  • Maple - One of the most luxurious forms of hardwood flooring is maple hardwood flooring. It is because it has a unique grain pattern, and it is also shiny, giving any house a distinctive look. It is also one of the most durable hardwood floorings since it doesn't scratch easily, and it is also resistant to massive impacts. With maple hardwood flooring, it is also possible to mimic other types of hardwood materials since it absorbs decorative stains adequately.
  • Ash - It is also a fantastic type of hardwood flooring because of its unique color. This hardwood flooring has some form of white patches that also have some wood grain on them, which makes this hardwood flooring unique and impressive. It also has the ability to take in some forms of decorative stains, meaning that it can perfectly imitate other forms of hardwood floorings. What's more, this type of hardwood flooring is also relatively hard, meaning that it has a significant durability period since it can be able to tolerate most adverse conditions.
  • Douglas Fir - Douglas fir is a fantastic type of hardwood flooring because of its uniform appearance, and it also helps to give a home a more rustic appearance. However, for this type of hardwood flooring, someone has to ensure that they take part in maintenance from time to time because it is very soft and can get damaged easily.

Frankly, hardwood floorings are impressive flooring forms because of the classy touch they add to home décor. They are also more durable and require minimal maintenance than other types of flooring.