Your Child Will Love If You Use One of These Cake Smash Ideas

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Cake smash sessions are the perfect way to celebrate a child's first birthday and capture these special moments on camera. Cake smash photography is also popularly known as cake smush or smash cake session, and it is a fun way of letting the little one 'get messy' with a cake!

Cake smash sessions are becoming increasingly popular among parents who want to uniquely capture their baby's 1st birthday. The popularity of this type of photography stems from the fact that one can do it at home or a local park, so someone doesn’t have to book a location for the session. It is also an inexpensive way of capturing beautiful images from a child's first year. There are many different ways to take pictures during a cake smash session, depending on the personality of one's baby and what one hopes to achieve from the photos.

1 - The ‘Harder Cake’ Idea

Let's face it, smashing a sponge cake probably won't be enough for the little one. A person should get an actual chocolate brownie instead. It will probably take them even longer to eat it, and they'll be so happy when they do! This is to have the child's birthday cake on a slightly angled surface, then set the child to work with a tool to smash it up. The idea is that the look on the child's face puts across how much fun they are having while they smash their way through the cake. Someone can also take pictures of other children watching, with big grins on their faces as they anticipate their turn later.

2 - The ‘Crumb Trail’ Cake Idea

Sprinkle some icing sugar (or cocoa powder) on the floor, and let the baby crawl through it. They'll get the crumbs all over their face, but get a great photo out of it! The idea is to have a trail of cake crumbs leading from where the baby is sitting or standing to the cake itself. The best part is that someone doesn't have to clean up! Just leave the table cloth or area rugs where they are and let everyone enjoy the crumbs! This is especially cute when one has multiple babies in one photo, all crawling with different colored frosting trails, or for siblings to take turns buttering up each other!

3 - Ice-Cream Parlor Style

One of the most popular themes for cake smash pictures is a simple ice-cream parlor theme. This cake idea makes some fantastic pictures! The baby turns out to look cute in all the flavors of ice-cream. These cakes can be made with as few as two or as many as five layers. Many ice-cream shops will let someone bring in the cake and decorate it there for free or at a small fee. One can also opt for an ice-cream cone instead of a cake for even more fun!

4 - The Cake in a Blanket

Wrap up the cake in a soft blanket or towel and let the baby have fun pulling at it. The cake-in blanket concept is perfect for newborns or babies of a few months old. The idea is that the baby or newborn is being swaddled up in a blanket, and place a cake on top of them so they can smash it. It's something cute and fun for them to do, and also gives an individual some great photos in the end. It is a perfect idea for the cake smash session because it allows someone to get creative and not have to worry about cleaning up a mess.

5 - The Donut Hole

This fun cake smash idea is easy to pull off. One will need two matching cakes on opposite sides of the baby's age. The cakes should be placed in a checkerboard pattern with an open space between them. The open space should be ample enough for the baby to walk through. The cakes will be displayed on top of each other and then smashed afterward by the baby. When planning the donut hole fun cake smash idea, keep in mind that this kind of cake smash may result in crumbs that could get into the eyes of the baby and cause irritation.