A Quality Litter Box Reduces the Side Effects of Owning a Cat

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Cats are great pets, especially for those of us who have busy schedules. They are very independent and will be content as long as they have food, water, love and of course, a clean litter box.

Keeping a clean litter box can be a challenge for cat lovers out there, but self-cleaning litter boxes can be a life-saver.

Sure, a litter box can be smelly and exhausting to keep up with, but they don't have to be. Depending on where you put the litter box and the type of litter box that you have, there are ways to make it easier on you and your nose. Keep in mind that some cats will not like changes to their routine. So, if you notice any changes in litter box behavior, then try to work with your cat to make them feel more content. Here are some helpful tips to keep the smell under control even when you can't scoop it multiple times a day.

Where to Put the Box

The location of the litter box is important for allowing your cat to have privacy, keeping the smell at bay and making sure your cat can easily access it. Cats are private, clean pets, so it is best to not have their litter box too close to their food. Also, having a door flap for the litter box can help, but be aware that some cats aren't comfortable with those.

Many people opt to place their litter boxes in the bathroom, which is a great idea if you have room. Also, be careful not to place a litter box in a room that might occasionally or accidentally have the door shut. You never want to cut off your cat's access to their box. Also, your cat may avoid their litter box if it isn't in a convenient spot. So make sure it's not too out of the way for them to get to. They may not want to go to the basement every time they have to go. So, while it might smell, consider moving it closer to help your cat get to it more easily. If the smell is a common issue, then you might benefit from trying a self-cleaning litter box.

How do Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Work?

Self-cleaning litter boxes can be very beneficial for both you and your cat. Cats love cleanliness, and self-cleaning litter boxes are a great way to make sure they always have a clean place to go. Self-cleaning litter boxes work by detecting when your cat has gone, and automatically scoops their waste out into a receptacle. All you need to do is regularly empty the receptacle, and the automatic process will do the rest.

These litter boxes work best for cats that cover their feces, as they are meant to detect messes and get rid of them right away. This often causes a mess, when feces aren't covered properly. But for cats that care about tidiness just as much as you do, this is a perfect way to keep your cat's litter box fresh and your house smelling great.

Popular Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

If you are looking for a cheaper option to try out, then check out the “PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box”. Don't let the price fool you, it is still a fully automatic self-cleaning litter box that will keep your cat's box clean and the odor under control.

If you want a more technologically advanced option, then try the Litter-Robot 3 Connect. This litter box connects to an app on your phone which will let you track when it needs to be emptied and your cat's bathroom habits. Tracking bathroom habits for your cat may seem a bit extreme, but it's actually a great way to find any health issues sooner than you otherwise would.

Finally, if you have more than one cat, you'll need a bigger box. The LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box is made for multi-cat homes and designed to be used by multiple cats throughout the day.