Choosing to Use a Moving Truck Can Expedite Your Move

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Moving can be stressful since you are supposed to handle different tasks during the moving process. Besides hiring a renowned moving company, you are tasked with ensuring that all your valuables will be transported safely; this is especially true if you are planning to transport bulky furniture and big appliances. To lessen the stress that people usually experience as they move, you may opt to pay a moving truck rental. Paying for such services will help you to save a significant amount of money since you will gain significantly from the convenience that you will experience as you move.

Regardless of the place where you are living, it is good to assume that there may be different truck rentals nearby. Some of the moving companies also operate on a 24 hours basis throughout the week, and you can easily book their services. There are different tips that you should also consider before you choose a moving company.

Benefits of Getting a Moving Truck

Different benefits accrue from hiring a moving truck. If you had initially considered a DIY approach, you should consider the advantages of hiring a moving truck. The moving truck usually enables you to utilize the space present in the large trucks. This lets you get everything you own in and packed carefully without having to “smush”. You don’t necessarily need to take advantage of extra services. Just renting the truck is sometimes enough. 

A moving truck speeds up the process. There’s no need for multi day moves if you have a moving truck and a willing helper friend or two. Moving trucks are also surprisingly affordable, especially if you can rent mid week and avoid the increased demand that might exist on the weekend. Getting a moving truck and movers allows for certainty, especially on longer moves. You know the schedule and when your items will be departing and arriving. 

Renting a Moving Truck Yourself

When renting a moving truck, there are different factors that you should consider—for instance, the cost of renting the truck matters a lot. The moving company usually considers the size of the truck that you want to rent. Also, they consider the duration and distance before issuing a quote to each client. As a client, you should be aware of the additional costs, including additional fuel, insurance costs, and moving supplies. Some of these additional costs cannot be included in the quote.

After successfully renting a moving truck, you should consider hiring a professional truck driver. Also, you should purchase moving truck insurance. Such an insurance policy is meant to supplement the auto insurance acquired by the moving company. The supplemental insurance policy usually caters to additional damages in case they occur. Some of the moving insurance policies include personal accident, damage waivers, auto tow protection, and cargo insurance.

Professional Moving Trucks and Their Costs

There are different types of professional moving trucks, and their costs usually vary. The moving trucks are somewhat affordable, easy to reserve, and readily available. At times, the moving company may impose extra fees depending on the circumstances.

When moving locally, the moving company may charge you a minimum of $132 to $336—as for long-distance moves, renting a truck will cost you $500 to $1,700. The cost per mile is usually included in the long-distance moves. Car towing services range from $130 to $350. The fuel costs will also vary depending on whether you are moving locally or it’s a long-distance move. Although the truck rentals are quite affordable, they are labor-intensive.

It is advisable to spend an additional amount of money to hire a full-service mover. You will also avoid experiencing achy joints in the process. To save a significant amount of money, people should hire a moving truck since it will ensure the moving costs are low.