Enjoy Your Morning Breakfast In A Gorgeous Nook or Booth

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Over the decades, some new home amenities tend to stick around and be incorporated as a usual part of a home's design.

The breakfast nook or booth area is one of these amenities that homeowners are ensuring that their new builds have. Unlike formal dining rooms, these areas provide an inviting space to grab a quick meal or enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

Families love these little spaces as they provide a quiet space where intimate conversations can take place. Breakfast nooks and booths are simply defined as a small area where there are built-in tables and seats. The specific characteristics of the design are highly up to the homeowner's discretion. These small areas provide a unique design opportunity that allows homeowners to show their individual preferences in a stunning fashion.

Difference Between Breakfast Booths and Breakfast Nooks

While you may hear the terms breakfast booths and nooks used interchangeably, they're not the same thing. It's true that both areas provide a small, intimate space where there are seating and table surfaces. But, that's the end of their similarities. When most people think of the word 'booth', they picture restaurant seating. This is what breakfast booths consist of. They are long, bench seats that accommodate seating for multiple people.

Most breakfast booths are designed in one of two fashions. Either there are booths on both sides of the table, or there is an 'L'-shaped booth in the corner. Breakfast nooks, on the other hand, tend to be much larger. While they can sport some booth seating, most breakfast nooks consist of a table with chairs. Nooks are generally larger and fit more people than breakfast booths. Most prefer to place breakfast nooks in front of a window or several bay windows for added comfort.

Designing and Decorating a Breakfast Nook or Booth

Whether one is going to install a breakfast booth or a breakfast nook, there are a few design tips that will ensure a great look every single time. First and foremost, it's always important to remember that a booth or nook is meant to be an inviting space with a soft feel. Leave the formal touches for the dining room table. A nook is meant to be a small space to grab a quick meal or have an intimate conversation with a loved one.

Booths and nooks that implement comfortable cushions require some upfront planning. First, one needs to consider the desired height of the bench or seat. Then, they'll need to subtract the height of the cushion from that desired height. There's nothing worse than feeling like one is sitting up way too high from the surface of the table. Speaking of cushions, deciding on how they'll be secured down is another concern. Don't just opt for laying them down as they'll move around every time someone uses them. Instead, plan on using clips, velcro, or even a built-in lip on the booth to keep the cushion in place.

Tips for a Breakfast Booth Reno

When deciding to undergo a breakfast booth renovation project, planning means everything. When one takes the time to fully access what they're looking for and determine what their needs are, they can design a booth that fits perfectly into their lifestyle. While everyone's perfect breakfast booth is going to be different from the next person's, there are a few key considerations that will always steer one in the right direction.

  • One must be mindful of the light fixture. This fixture tends to be one of the key pieces of design when it comes to a breakfast booth. It will set the tone for the space's design and overall feel.
  • Pillows are an essential component of making a booth or nook feel inviting. Who doesn't love snuggling up with the security of a pillow? Be sure to add at least a couple to the booth to enhance the coziness feeling of the overall space.
  • The tabletop surface is an important part of any booth or nook design. While there are a slew of options out there to choose from, designers must keep one thing in mind. The structural legs of the table. Usually, opting for a pedestal-style table is ideal for these areas as it allows a wide area of space for the users to move around it with ease.