Different Shelving Units Are More Appropriate From Some Homes

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Shelving makes up a convenient aspect of our lives that we may hardly ever think about. When you grow up in a home, you take the shelves for granted. You learn what is located in which shelving unit, but don’t give a lot of thought to the placement of the units themselves. 

Shelves are important for a home. They improve the amount of convenient storage space that a person can take advantage of. Further, shelving can allow for beautiful decor and display choices. Shelving units can allow you to hold precious memories, herb gardens or even kitchen gadgets. The trick with shelving is you want to choose the right type of shelving unit for the right location. Different rooms in the home can take advantage of different options. The same can be said for home decor choices. What follows are some of the more popular shelving options (though far from all of them) with many people for their home. 

1 - Corner Shelves

Arguably the most under-used space in a room is the corners. The answer to that is through corner shelving. Corner shelving isn’t perhaps a specific set and style as more of a location. That being said, there’s some common types. The right angled corner shelf is basically two shelves that meet in the corner. The curved corner shelf is a different option which meets the corner fully on both sides, and then extends in a curve outwards. This can provide more space than others. Angular corner shelves may come out in other ways. 

2 - Fixed Bracket Shelving

These are an old concept that continues to be used in shelving today. Quite simply, this type of shelving will use brackets that are fixed to a solid surface (typically studs in a wall). The brackets can be L shaped, but are much stronger when triangular. L shaped brackets are almost always metal, whereas ornamental or wood ones offer additional support in other ways. These shelves can be put up almost anywhere and provide some basic shelving. They aren’t particularly handsome though and in many cases there are more attractive options.

3 - Hanging Shelving

This is a shelving design that can really add a lot to the look of a room. Hanging shelves get attached to high surfaces and hang down. They are typically placed against light walls and don’t carry the heaviest of objects. Hanging shelves are pretty popular in kitchens (above an island) and increase storage while looking great. Never go over the weight limit on these shelves, as there’s no reasons to let them fall. 

4 - Floating Shelves

These are similar to fixed bracket shelving in that they are placed against fixed walls. However, despite their similarity, most people find floating shelving units to be far superior. Why? Because the brackets and items that secure the shelves are invisible and contained within the shelf itself. This leads to a smooth and modern look where these shelves are somehow floating in air beautifully. These can make decorating a room quite easy. The downside is that sometimes floating shelves aren’t as stable and can’t handle heavy items quite as well. 

5 - Built In Shelves

This is one of the more common types of shelving units. Built in shelves are built into the wall, much like cabinetry in a kitchen. It’s very common for drawers to be placed in the lower parts of a wall, while standard shelves are located throughout the upper area. Since they are built into the extra empty spaces of a home, it's not really possible to relocate these shelves. On the plus side, they add a professional look toi your shelving needs.