A Walk-In Shower is a Common Home Improvement

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Generally, a walk-in shower does not have doors or any curtains. Ideally, it is a shower that stands alone, and it is open, meaning that someone can walk into it directly.

Nonetheless, many walk-in showers are covered by glass, but they still do not have doors, meaning that people can walk directly into them. The idea behind walk-in showers is to make the shower feel more spacious because of the lack of a door and a tub, making the bathroom more open, which creates a notion of more space. The best thing about walk-in showers is that people can choose their design, playing with all the colors they want so as to make their walk-in bathroom more bold and elegant. A nice set of colors is essential because the shower's interior will be seen from the outside.

Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

There’s plenty of reason to consider adding a walk in shower to your home. Some of the benefits include: 

  • It Creates More Space. A walk-in shower does not have the conventional bathtub that is common in many bathrooms, which makes the bathroom space look small. It also doesn't have a door, and it is not enclosed with walls, which makes it look very spacious because of the enhanced open look.
  • Cleaning is Easy. Cleaning a walk-in shower is a no-brainer since it does not have many corners where dirt can accumulate. In conventional bathrooms, there are many crevices and corners that make it hard to clean them well.
  • Suitable For Wheelchair Users. If someone in a household uses a wheelchair, it is challenging for them to use the common bathroom because of the bathtub barrier. Fortunately, a walk-in shower offers the perfect solution for them because it is entirely open.
  • Durability. A walk-in shower has a simple design that does not have a lot of fixtures that can break. This essentially means that a walk-in shower is more durable than the conventional bathrooms.

How Difficult of a Project is a Walk-In Shower

Converting a bathroom into a walk-in shower is not a complicated process since a walk-in shower does not have many fixtures in it. Generally, the only thing someone has to do is customize their walk-in shower to the design of their choice and the color selection of their preference. Before starting a walk-in shower project, the interior designer presents someone with several glass panels to choose from so that they can select the shape that they think will be more suitable for them.

When creating a walk-in shower, the tricky part is ensuring that it meets the Americans with Disabilities Act's recommendations. In general, this means that the walk-in shower should be suitable to be used by persons with disabilities. It implies that someone should ensure that the entry space is sufficient for something like a wheelchair to pass through, and the shower should be generally easy to use.

Tips For Planning a Shower Reno

If you’re going to try to create a walk-in shower project, there are lots of pitfalls that can be avoided. Consider some of the following tips:

  • Work With a Budget. Before someone starts a bathroom renovation procedure, they should first establish a budget that they will work with to ensure that this process is smooth. They should ensure that they set aside money for the materials and labor. They should also ensure that they also have some money to cater to any overheads or complications during the renovation process.
  • Hire a Qualified Interior Designer. Hiring someone qualified to help remodel a bathroom is absolutely vital if someone wishes to have a smooth process. They will help develop the best design, and they will also help ensure that the homeowner sticks within their budget.
  • Go With a Waterproof Floor. The best bathroom flooring that is perfect for any bathroom is one that does not absorb water. This is particularly essential for a walk-in shower because a waterproof floor is not susceptible to damage by water, which ensures that the bathroom looks elegant when viewed from the outside.

Indeed, a walk-in shower should be any homeowner's dream because of how efficient they are, and they also add a unique touch to any household. Creating a walk-in shower is also relatively easy, and it does not require a lot of resources. Frankly, a walk-in shower will be an improvement to any home without causing so much pain in terms of finances.