Do You Know Which Family Vehicles Lead the Pack?

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It is a great time to buy a new family vehicle. Auto sales are in decline, making it the perfect time to jump into a buyer's market and get the right sedan, minivan or SUV crossover to meet the family's needs.

Many families have been spending an unusually large amount of time together so far this year, so it's especially important to provide an enjoyable travel and commuting experience as the country opens back up and summer travel becomes a reality. Auto manufacturers will certainly be looking to move some vehicles from their inventories too! The task of buying a new vehicle can be daunting. There are many aspects to consider, especially the family's comfort and safety. Other aspects that figure high on the list of considerations include entertainment features, resale value, and performance. Most car buyers spend a considerable amount of time researching before ever visiting a dealership. Here are the top choices in various categories to move that process along.

1 - Dodge Durango SRT - Go Big or Stay Home

With gas prices at record lows, now might be the very last chance to have some fun with a totally unnecessary Hemi V8 with nearly 500 horsepower. This beast of a family SUV can do all of the towing, holds a family of six in comfort, and blasts past the traffic jams on the way to the cabin at the lake.

The Durango SRT also offers a lot of branded entertainment options. Its BeatsAudio setup pumps out the tunes with 506 watts of power while the entire system interfaces with Apple's CarPlay and the Android Auto system. All of this comes with a price tag beyond $60,000, unsurprisingly. Other competitors that come in at a slightly lower price point are the reliable Ford Expedition or Chevrolet Suburban.

2 - Chevy Bolt - Go Green and Save Some Green

At the opposite end of the spectrum for the family that wants to get in on the electric vehicle is the Chevrolet Bolt. While it might not come with the prestige of a Tesla, it doesn't bring the high price tag either. It also matches the better-known Tesla's range at 259 miles but also includes a hatchback for packing in all of the family's luggage. With potential savings from state and federal tax credits, the Bolt's final price tag can come in at well under $30,000. Other vehicles in the same category worth a look are the Hyundai Kona Electric or the Kia Niro EV.

3 - The Subaru Outback - Safe, Reliable and Economical Fun

The 2020 Subaru Outback might come from a long line of family station wagons, but this is no boring grocery getter. A higher riding height gives this car versatility for weekend adventures and quick accessibility to all of the family's gear through its rear hatch. All-wheel drive makes for safe driving, and the available engine options include a turbocharged option with 260 horsepower and extra torque. With a starting price just under $27,000, that's a whole lot of car for the money.

4 - Honda Odyssey - A Van to get Excited About

In the lineup of family vehicles, the humble van takes a lot of abuse, but there's a reason why year after year they continue to sell well. They beat the cargo space of many family-oriented SUVs, offer more comfort for the whole family, and have kept up with the entertainment trends necessary to the family travel experience. In this category the Honda Odyssey is perhaps the best. Its safety rating is a perfect 5 stars, and there is seating to spare for even larger families. Other comparable vehicles are the Toyota Sienna or the Kia Sedona, but the Odyssey's smooth driving experience beats them both.

5. Volvo V90 Cross Country - One More for the Road

If a Subaru or one of the recommended minivans is just a little too dull, an upscale option is the Volvo V90. More than 316 horsepower gives this all-wheel drive vehicle a lot of power for the highway or the gravel road to the country home. There's plenty of space inside a well-designed interior that comes with a price tag above $50,000.