A Day On the Links is More Comfortable In the Right Golf Shoe

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On a bright, temperate, cloudless day, you stand on the 10th tee looking at a downhill slight dogleg par 4.

The green backs up to a still lake. With this gorgeous view and a wide-open fairway in front of you, your only thought is how much your feet hurt. Even though you rode the front nine, your old and stiff golf shoes are killing your feet and your day.

Golf shoes make or break the round. They need enough traction to help keep you balanced. Your shoes also need enough give and cushion to make walking comfortable. Even if your farthest walk is from the cart to the green, the wrong shoes will leave you in agony by the day’s end.

There are many shoes to choose from. These are some of the top golf shoes for performance and comfort. These shoes keep your feet happy, allowing you to concentrate on carrying the bunker and stopping the ball by the pin.

1 - Nike Air Max 1 G

Athletes turn to Nike for durable, stylish, and extremely comfortable shoes. The Nike Air Max 1 G borrows from Nike’s top-notch running technology to create a sturdy golf shoe suitable for walking the course. The Air Max 1 G features Nike’s iconic air bubble in the heel. The air bubble creates extra cushion, easing the burden on your feet and keeping your legs fresh even if you walk 18 holes. Runners use this same technology for marathons. Therefore, it creates a pleasant experience on the course. The Air Max 1 G is waterproof, helping to keep your feet dry after rains or in the early morning dew. The soft spikes provide excellent traction, holding your feet in place through the completion of your shot even in less than perfect conditions. The Air Max 1 G provides superior comfort and performance. Your feet will remain comfortable throughout the entire round.

2 - FootJoy SuperLite Athletic Golf Shoes

The FootJoy SuperLite Athletic Golf Shoes provide exceptional comfort, even for walkers. FootJoy constructed the shoe with lightweight cushioning. The cushioning reduces impact shock and increases comfort, keeping your feet fresh throughout your round. Fresh feet and less-tired legs increase performance at the end of your round. FootJoy provides a one-year waterproof warranty for the shoes. The shoe boasts a leather exterior. Footjoy used a sloping similar to court shoes, providing a more comfortable experience. The shoe provides excellent traction. The soft spikes change easily, extending the life of the shoe. The athletic design will help you maintain proper positioning throughout your shot.

3 - Under Armour Spieth 2

The Under Armour Spieth 2 features a classic golf shoe look with modern comfort and performance. The shoe comes in multiple colors, allowing you to add some flash to your look, but still retains traditional golf lines. The shoe provides lightweight cushioning. This reduces the shock to your feet and legs without the fatigue that results from hauling a heavy shoe around the course. Whether you walk or ride, you will finish 18 holes without your shoes stressing your feet. Waterproofing keeps your feet dry during your round, preventing blisters. If you are a dew sweeper, waterproofing is essential. The shoe provides incredible traction. Nine soft spikes hold you in place while you rip a 300-yard drive down the center of the fairway or execute a delicate pitch over a bunker. Never again will you worry about slipping in the middle of your stroke.

4 - Puma Ignite Pwrsport

Yes, that’s spelled correctly. While Puma omitted a few letters from the name of its new shoe, it more than made up for it with a stylish design and added comfort. Built with a lightweight design and a shape resembling a running shoe, you could walk all day in these shoes without hurting your feet. The spikeless rubber soles hold you in place during your shot, even when you try to swing out of your shoes. The shoe utilizes Puma’s PWRFRAME technology, making you feel connected to the ground throughout your swing. The Ignite Pwrsport features a waterproof exterior. The shoe comes in several colors, adding style to the incredibly functional overall design. You will look good and feel good while wearing these shoes.